03 June 2009

Sunday Breakfast.

I love, love Sundays. I covet that peace & quiet that comes with the morning. Sunday--it's such a day for doing the things you love, and showing those you love just how much you really do. And, hopefully, it's a day for piddling around the house and playing in all the messes you've desperately wanted to create but just didn't have the time to do so.

I especially love Sunday breakfasts.

So, last Sunday I whipped up a simple little meal for that hubs of mine. And it was so fun to sip our coffee (french-pressed on Sunday, of course) and eat. On the front porch. Watching the world go by. So, so fun.

And, I thought I'd give you the steps to a simple & yummy Sunday breakfast.

Brown that sausage of course.
I only used half a roll of Jimmy Dean & froze the rest.

Roll out those biscuits. I used Pillsbury in the blue
can & rolled 3 together per ramekin. Grease & flour each ramekin.

Squish the dough into the ramekin, and drop some sausage in.
Divide your egg between each ramekin! I made 4 ramekins, and used two eggs with milk, cayenne, salt & pepper whisked in. Bake at 350 until the egg is set and the biscuit edges turn golden.

Prepare to serve & enjoy :)

Poppy, patiently waiting to beg.

I love to pile everything on a wooden cutting board...
makes a simple display of everything you've worked so hard to prepare.

And there's that Corey...happy for breakfast.

May you have a happy day full of fun & good food!!
Feel free to send me an email with any further recipe questions...I know I was a little vague :)

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Brit said...

aww your porch looks so cute. I want to come have lunch on your front patio!