02 June 2009

Embracing the gray areas.

I found this picture while perusing the ever-promising houzz. If you've yet to dabble in the amazingness of the site...you must! Anyway, I was so taken by the eccentricity of the space. I'm so tired by today's standard in home design, which to me is defined by the very safe store-bought furniture & decor items that have no individualistic/interesting qualities to them. I'm constantly seeking photographs of good design, which, defined by me, means that the space embodies a personality all it's own...not Pottery Barn's. And I love PB! Just not when everything in a room is purchased from a page in the PB catalog. I love to see trinkets displayed from worldly travels, your grandmother's arm chair recovered in a vintage fabric or your dad's old ties displayed on the wall. Something, anything unusual. Anyhow, I love to find design that symbolizes independent thinking. The room above just may be the epitome of independent thinking and eclecticism. Who ever would have put any of these elements together? Yet look how fun and amazing and truly unique the space is. Ahhh...good design. Some people just get it.

Feel free to comment!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this photo. Am I the only one that loves it?

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adrianhitt said...

i'm with you! this is goregeous. i simply love it!