18 June 2009

Cheers to a good Friday.

Looking for something fun and a little different to fill up your Friday evening? For those of you in or around Lexington, check out this local event:

Renowned shutterbug Amy Murphy will display gorgeous poster size canvases and prints featuring a mix of natural and urban subjects. The Woodland Computers staff will be on hand for crowd control and general street cred.

Friday, June 19, 2009
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Woodland Computers
507 E. High St

So, if you're even slighty interested in the gallery hop, just take a peek at Amy's amazing photos above, or pay a visit to her flickr page. That might really convince you to go give her your local support :)

Have a delightful Friday!! & hope to see you there.


amymm said...

hannah!! you are so awesome for posting this... i'll see you there! :)

amymm said...

ps i LOVE the photo trio that you chose! once again showing off your good eye.