17 June 2009

Cafe au lait, please.

So if I could do anything with my days, and really anything, I'd open a teenie little neighborhood coffee shoppe (with the pe, of course). Half of the shoppe would be a retail area/show room for my furniture and home textile concoctions, but the other side would be designed to entice local residents to relax over a steamy, simple cup of joe. I'd keep my offerings local & as inexpensive as possible. I'd scour flea markets and garage sales for each and every lonely cup and saucer out there, and I'd gather them all on rustic shelves to serve the coffee in. I'd collect well-loved books and keep them in stacks around the store for customers to peruse while they're present. I'd revamp tired walls with chalkboard paint so kiddos could draw to their hearts content while their parents enjoyed themselves beneath my random assortment of sidewalk umbrellas. I'd showcase local art, and sell the best free-trade coffee beans by the ound from over-sized burlap sacks. I'd put an amazing, mint green vintage stove to good use, and would have each of my employees wear amazing little aprons (if they're girls, of course). I'd even invite pups to the patio, and would the hubby and friends play live music during the evenings. Okay, okay...I could go on and on, so I may as well stop this day dream now. If only I could make this happen... :)

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Anonymous said...

we are kindred spirits, because this is exactly what i'd love to do. i love the idea of serving coffee & tea to customers in a mishmash of vintagey mugs. i'd have such lovely furnishings, all thrifted/vintage, and huge pillows on the floors. and twinkle lights, of course. ;) our town doesn't have anything like a homey type of coffee shop. we've got a starbucks, and that's pretty much it, aside from little bistros & cafes & what have you.