10 April 2009

It's a Good Friday.

Mmm...it's about to rain and I'm snuggled in my apartment with coffee cup in hand feeling quite cozy.  C and I are in the midst of tidying up and washing a billion dishes, as we had about 6 couples over for dinner last night (and yes, no dishwasher).  But, the apartment's quite clean and we actually have some gorgeous fresh flowers on hand, so I thought I'd give you all a little sneak peak. I'm in the process of photographing every room in detail, which I'll post on a later date, but here's a few of my favorite little snippets of our place.

My favorite little corner in our apartment.  I found this dresser at an estate sale when I lived in Oklahoma and hauled it all the way home to Kentucky.  It's adorned with new hardware from Anthropologie.  Sitting on top of her is an amazing, horse shoe wine rack that Corey made me as a wedding gift.  Yes, I said made.  How cool is he?

The tattered trunk at the end of our bed.  I love her.  My mom actually used it as a coffee table when we were growing up.  In front of it sits an antique crock/butter churn that belonged to my grandfather.  It conveniently holds my woven pink slippers. 

Just a glimpse of one of our dining chairs.  I'm so lucky to have a dad that collects amazing architectural finds and then is so willing to give them away :)  

Mmm....mint cookies n' cream, a top my favorite dish towel.

Corey's washboard and my minnow bucket.  Perfectly perfect together.

A vintage photograph I discovered in my mom's storage shed and a vase C brought me from China, both which flank the mantle.

M bday gift from C.  Vintage luggage.  He knows me so well.

A photograph I took of C playing guitar rests in our dining room window alongside a vintage pitcher I, once again, inherited from my mom.  Yes, she has the coolest stuff of all time.

Our M mugs...stacked on a cake plate.
  Thank you Anthropologie for all of your amazingness.

I had two fruit bowls, both which I loved, so I stacked them.

A snippet of our western corner in our bedroom.  The horse shoe I gave C on our wedding day, his dad's old cowboy boots that I adore (& often live in) and just a really cool picture.  Makes C feel as if he's Gus or Call :)

More to come!! And, next time I show the apartment, I'll give you each room in its entirety. Can't wait to show you the rustic coffee table Corey constructed!

Have an amazing weekend!

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