20 April 2009


So I took a week from blogging to get my life in order...and I'm so excited to say the reason I was so busy was that I started a new job! Yay! Finally having an income is definitely a cause for celebration in my book. And, the fact that I'm actually using my degree and working toward a possible career in the marketing field excites me even more. It's so great--the other girls I work with are so fun and amazing, and already I've been introduced to so many great new contacts. Wish me luck!!

With that said, this new source of income has me drooling over Anthropologie again. For those of you who don't know me, Anthro is my favorite, favorite store of all time. I do love their clothing, but for me, my heart lies in their home section. I even fenagled a best friend of mine to host an Anthropologie wedding shower for me last summer. Yes, I love it that much. My dream job actually entails designing their retail displays. I gained some experience in display set-up and design while working at Williams-Sonoma and I just loved it. How amazing would it be to actually make a career out of it and have the opportunity to spend the majority of my time in the one place I obsess over? A girl can dream, can't she?

I mean, the biggest compliment I think I've ever received is that our apartment somewhat resembles the inside of an Anthro. I would have to disagree, but am so very thrilled someone else thinks so.

Anyway, Anthropologie's home decor displays are such an amazing source of design inspiration for me. They're ingenious. I rarely purchase anything from the store itself, as my wallet hardly ever allows, but I've had so much fun replicating the Anthro style with thrifty finds of my own.

So...I thought I'd share some photos that make my heart do little leaps of joy.

Have an amazing, inspiring day!!

And, remember, if you have any before/after pictures, or any pictures of your home in general that you'd love to share, please feel free to email them to me!

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