28 November 2008

Countertop covet.

What could be more exciting than getting your very own kitchenaid mixer? Why, getting your very own "pistachio" kitchenaid mixer of course!! Yes, the very thing I have been coveting forever and ever is finally sitting tall (but not too tall as it is the convenient little tilt-back artisan) in my....basement. Which is making me even more antsy (if that's even possible) to play house and set up a cute little kitchen. And I'm so glad I stuck to my guns and went with the minty green beauty. I nearly chickened out and settled for the white. But why play it safe when you can have so much fun mixing away with THIS one? YAY! I just want to bake and bake...and make mashed potatoes :) Hopefully many pictures to come of deliciously fun desserts I learn to whip up...when we finally find a place to move that is.

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