18 March 2013


Happiest Monday morning, my amazing readers. Hope your weekend was relaxing, inspiring...and of course pinch free. I can't even believe its mid-March, and that spring (I hope, I hope) is just around the corner. This year is flyyinnng by, but perhaps that's because I'm busy, and we all know there's no complaining in that book. I, for one, love to be busy. And last week was just that, hence the lack of blog posts. My design biz had me traveling, and occupied by all sorts of other happenings, so here's a little peek into my "lately" :

 Maple and I have been exploring our new downtown territory, and loving every little bit of it. Especially this electric purple door. Risk takers. I like my neighbors already.

We've been busy, so work has been creeping along at the cottage. But this is the 'before.' Whoever had possession of this place sure loved them some Christmas. Red painted brick exterior, with (you guessed it) green trim. And a red interior. With dingy brown. Come on people. She's a gem. Give her some love!

Which is precisely what we've been doing. Still a mess, still a work-in-progress, but much better than Father Christmas, I think. And don't judge. Lighting needs to go....and fast. Trim was painted yesterday--the most delicious greige. And doors will be painted this week. And kitchen is on its little way. All-in-all, she's nearly inhabitable.

And this deliciously orange cart can only mean one thing: the Home Depot Patio Challenge has me being a busy little bee! Work has commenced. LOTS of it. Because our courtyard was well ignored...for years. But we've been working hard to give her some love, too.

Sort of the before
It even looks better here than it did. It was bad.

And here's proof that I can (sort of) operate power tools. And construct things. Very easy things, nonetheless.

God is cool, and knew we Maples needed a vacation, so He made it happen. I somehow WON a FREE trip to MEXICO. Yes. Cray. So I took a break from our crazy week to book this girl and her hubby a week on the beach. 

My vehicle is big. And she loves to eat gas. And I always say that I'd love to downsize. And I really don't think that could ever, ever happen. And here is the proof, as this is my norm. At least I get to be surrounded by pretty things, even if they are en route to my clients and their homes.

And this was the bulk of my week. Working on the install of a gorgeous, glass-walled condo in the center of an amazing southern city. That black and white trellis pillow you see is sitting on the most gorgeously luxe leather sofa. And I'm rather in love with that parquet coffee table. And I think our gallery wall turned out pretty swell. More work to do, but she's almost there.

And here is me. At another little business happening. It was a big week for Hannah Maple Studio, and this was the Friday afternoon Skype call that topped it all off. So here I am, hanging at my hubby's (amazing) exposed brick and beam office, and I owe a huge thank you to the guys at The Livery for getting me all setup, as my own studio is very much 'under construction').

So there you have it. A peek into what's been going on in my world. And now it's Monday, and such a wonderful feeling it is to start the week uber-excited and ready to delve into my work. I am so incredibly grateful. Hoping the same stands true for all of you.

Go and be inspired.


The Egg said...

free trip to mexico!?!
say whaaaaat?

xo the egg out west.

Heidi | The Rustic Modernist said...

Love your work. And I am officially sold on that RH entertainment unit. Done.