26 March 2013


If you're enamored enough with design as I am, then you're probably in a constant state of self-education...incessantly absorbed in all-things design...fervently on the hunt to find more, see better, and therefore do better. And, if you know me at all, you know that I love spaces that aren't overly contrived, or "designed." In fact, that's sort of my design mantra, to wrap rooms in a "collected" aesthetic, full of furnishings, artwork, and accessories that are representative of you, your family, the places you've been, the sights you've seen, the things you most love, and all those stories you tell.

Perhaps no one does that better than the uber-chic Lisa Fine.  One glance at her home--and her interior design--and you feel like you know her. She's obviously well-traveled, well-cultured, and well-educated--with an air of sophistication, balanced by a casual ease. See what I mean?

Feminine, yes...but well-balanced by dark and sultry tones, hard lines, and bold contrast. The rooms are all exuberant, but grounded by an informal ease. And don't they all tell such amazing stories? I could just sit in each one, and be so easily entertained...imaging all the lands she's ventured, the sights she's seen, and the faces she remembers.

And there you have it, my career aspirations: to be a savvy world-traveler and collector of storied things, and to bring those sights and that education back to my clients and their homes, to help them achieve their own collected, storied spaces. Such amazing inspiration, that Lisa Fine is!

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