13 September 2012


Let's get real: we don't all have the wallet to waltz into a gallery and out with a sprawling, one-of-a-kind, original piece of artwork. But if you're anything like me, you do know that art is a lifetime investment, and one that adds an unmatched amount of personality to your home and your walls. And let me tell you, that investment does not have to break the bank. Being that I'm on a pretty tight budget, I'm always scouring my resources for affordable art that will enliven my walls. And I thought I'd pass my favorite penny-saving finds onto you, and your home:

A.  A colorful yet classic, mid-century style abstract via Serena and Lily //  B.   I'm digging the bold statement made with this giant, diving triptych and would love to see it enliven a bare wall above a bed or in mix things up in a dining room //  C.  Scouring etsy is well-worth the effort. I love the texture and soothing hues in this oil-based abstract //  D.  A super-affordable statement can easily be made by having a favorite photograph professionally enlarged and framed. Maybe it's because I live on the coast, but I find water photos to be incredibly calming. //  E.  Not only is the lady behind Look, Linger, Love a talented blogger...she creates incredible (and affordable) art for us to covet...and buy.  //  F.  Crate and Barrel has a surprising selection of well-curated and framed artwork //  G.  I'm enamored with the bold graphics in this Natural Curiosities production  //  H.  Do as Serena and Lily did, and frame graphic vintage textiles  (etsy is a great source for your hunt) //  I.  Classic still lifes will never get old. I'm eyeing this citrus oil for my white kitchen walls.

So there you have it: my favorite affordable art picks.

Email me if you're interested in any of the above pieces, or if you'd like help curating the perfect art for your own walls.

Where has this week gone?!

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