05 March 2012


There's something entrancing about a front door. Perhaps it's the fact that the front door is, more often than not, your very first impression of a home. It's a prominent element that sets the stage for what else will meet the eye once you cross that threshold and move into the interior. It has the ability to welcome you in, with warmth and intrigue, or turn you away with a shield of repellent bars, or even neglect.

With that said (and those seen above), don't even think to ignore your front door. Make a bold statement and bathe it in color. Add one-of-a-kind hardware that's sure to warrant a second glance. Choose one with geometric architectural mouldings, even. Or, keep it simple--subdued in a neutral color--but laquer it in a high-gloss patina to prove there's more than what first meets the eye. This fairly-instant curb appeal can do wonders in updating your exterior, and therefore your entire curb appeal. After all, aren't first impressions the ones that really do matter?

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jen leitzell said...

I totally agree. Every front door should make a statement!

Happy Monday!