20 February 2012


I love this city we live in. It's full of the very best things (well, to me...at least): friendly people; quaint coffee bars (where long-haired hipsters and tortoise-shell glassed, seersucker-suited men convene over slow-roasted beans; epicurean food, uber-pretty buildings/sidewalks/streets/gardens/piazzas/people, the rivers and the sea, incredible antiques/architecture/art; and sunshine.

Maple and I made it a point, this weekend, to enjoy all of the above:

Pretty downtown Charleston: Lower King Street. 
The antique district.
Therefore, my favorite.

You had me at "antiques."
And the orange and gray staircase.

The staircase to heaven did not disappoint!
Rug. Antelope. Haint blue ceilings.
I need you three...

Coffee date at City Lights.
Love the name.
Love the coffee.
Love the ham and cheese croissants.

And their chocolate brownie chess pie.
...Did you know I love food?...
Mostly too much.

The best gems are hidden.
In this case, my favorite antique store.
Unpretentious. Bold. Eclectic. Somewhat modern.
And just look at that view...

Art deco doors.
Art deco transom.
Both mirrored.
Both impossibly cool.
(It's also quite sad how much this photo excites me...
design is definitely my calling, no?)

My weekend uniform: 
messy hair (not at all intentional...merely a sad fact of life), 
hot pink lips, my beloved gray hoodie, and leather.

Pretty brass baubles.
Black...and pink.
Another revered Charleston shop of mine.

Same store. Stellar candlesticks. 
Definitely digging the black beeswax, electric blue, 
marbleized pyramid, burled wood credenza, 
extra-large bust, and round stone lamp. 
Need I go on?

There are no words...
I need you. Or, you complete me? My office?
Yes, my office needs you.

Charleston's streets are infinitely captivating, 
but so is our home.
And...errr....our incessant yard work.
But...our azaleas are stunning.
And see that Maple? He just planted two hydrangea shrubs for me.
Don't look too closely. Our facade still needs a lotta love.

And speaking of love, say hello to my newest ebay purchase.
She makes our front door quite pretty.

All in all, it was a superbly-had weekend.
Hope yours was just what you needed it to be...and more.



Hannah said...

My mom instilled a love for antiques at a young age. It's so fun to find "old" things and give them a new home and I just love that there is a story behind a piece of antique furniture. Sounds like y'all had an awesome weekend!

Christina said...

your hair is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo longgggggggggg

TheWhitList said...

Such great pictures!!! Always wanted to take a trip to Charleston...

Brandi said...

Love your new door handle- Gorg!