29 February 2012


I'm perpetually inspired by the beauty I happen upon on a daily basis--sometimes in the most unexpected corners of my daily agenda. Case in point: my yesterday's lunch: a chicken salad sandwich, accompanied by a slice of rhubarb tart, had while perched upon a 50s chrome bar stool at the most adorable drugstore / diner, atop a crackled, black bartop, totally reminiscent of aged-leather. Thanks to the brilliance of instagram, I was stunned (and inspired) by my midday meal...to the point that I began conjuring an interior design scheme with the entrancing colors and textures I devoured for lunch.
Gorgeous, no?


 Gray horsehair wallpaper anchors the bottom portion of the walls and couples perfectly with a small, vintage wallpaper print that emulates warmth on the top half of the walls.

The black chesterfield sofa is reminiscent of the bartop in the inspiration photo. 
It's a classic piece that willage with grace and maintain its value amongst the design world. 
I love the masculinity it provides the space!

A plush, vintage moroccan rug instantly cozies the space and juxtaposes the hard
materials and angles throughout, balancing the rich, dark hues in the room.

Classic geometric prints lend a vibrant, unexpected pop of color to the room. I'd adorn the windows
with double-width, pinch-pleat drapes made from the sage green and brown honeycomb print, and 
lighten up the chesterfield with raspberry La Fiorentina throw pillows. 

Plushy upholstered x-benches offset the hard angles in the brass, rectangle-base coffee table, and provide extra seating and/or leg propping. Also a good surface for an open, resting book!

A tall, mid-century table lamp composed of rich greens and blues perches atop a West Elm, grey wood side table. Both are a refreshing juxtaposition to the space, as their cylindrical shapes add softness and depth. And I can't get enough of the stark black, tripod floor lamp! Uber-chic. And I love how it popsoff the backdrop without warranting too much attention.

So...the moral of the story is...



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Natalie said...

I love it...Nice to know someone else who fully appreciates and is inspired by all the things that surround us.