18 January 2012


I have a faint (or rather large) infatuation with this brilliant little chair.  Produced by Knoll, the Bertoi chair is the mastermind of mid-century, italian-born, artist, sculptor (and design icon) Harry Bertoia. Much like a ghost chair, I adore them for their versatility. No matter the style, era, or color of its surroundings, this minimalistic, low-profile chair will slide right in to most any design scheme and make a stunning addition without warranting too much attention. I love the idea of juxtaposing its modern, hard frame with contrasting lines, textures, styles, and materials. Throw it into an uber-traditional room for an interesting spin...quickly and easily ground an overly-feminine room with a black-framed, somewhat gritty Bertoia...compliment a kiddo's room with a super fun color...even dress up your outdoor space with a hardwearing set. The options are endless, and the result always superior.


[ photos sourced on my pinterest ]

Interested in an iconic Bertoia for your own space? Design Within Reach sells them. Yes, they're an investment--but also a classic. They'll forever be held in the highest regards amongst the design world!

And...they're super comfy despite their deceiving hard lines, but my favorite softening tricks include throwing a square pillow in the seat, or draping an ikea sheepskin over the entire frame.  DWR also sells fitted seat cushions!

So there you have it: a forever-favorited design icon of mine. Feel free to email me if you have any Bertoia questions, or if you're seeking design advice on how to incorporate one (or many) into your own space!

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