23 November 2011


And so the packing begins.

We're hitting the road today...venturing home to our Kentucky.
So looking forward to a Thanksgiving spent with our ever-missed family and friends, and,
with this long-awaited holiday weekend comes a million reasons to be thankful this season:

My Maple.

 Our (rapidly) growing family -- all of our nieces, and our soon-to-be two nephews.

Our travels.

That pup of ours!

 My talents, passions, hopes...and my dreams.

This incredible coastal city we're so lucky to call home.

Our house.

And, of course, all those amazing friends we're so lucky to have...
and their insanely cute kiddos.

So...happy travels today, y'all.
Be safe. Be happy. And enjoy all that yummy food.

1 comment:

The Egg said...

happy thanksgiving! you are one lucky girl :) maple is so cute with those flowers!!

xoxo the egg out west.