30 November 2011


Does anyone else ever wonder how Kmart is still in biz? I'd probably never go there, except that it's incredibly more convenient than hauling my way to Walmart and fighting traffic near Target. Lucky for me, I needed to pay a visit yesterday. And look what I just happened upon in the lighting aisle:

A faux ostrich lampshade for (gasp) $15...lined with gold paper and everything.
You must know by now that I'm a sucker for anything python/lizard/ostrich print (just wait til you see my new brand identity). And...I favor masculinity over anything pretty. AND...it was $15. So in my basket it went...and on my coveted marble lamp it now sits. The perfect pair, I'd say.

Thank you Kmart. I may just buy all you have in stock.

P.S. I looked for it online, and it seems as though it's sold in-store only.

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Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

I love checking out the stores that you would be the last place to expect amazing goodies! They pull through for me sometimes too. Awesome lamp shade!