01 March 2011

Eye spy: North Carolina.

My to-do list is ever-growing. Checking off that box is supposed to be rewarding--instead--I feel like I'm keeping a running tally of all the things I don't accomplish. Anyway, a priority on that list is to take more photos. Afterall, I have a camera that I love--why not utilize it more often?

Well...the perfect opportunity presented itself: a weekend escape to North Carolina. We met up with Maple's fam on this little gem of a farm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. So, when that rooster crowed oh-so early (yes, that really happened...19 times in a row...my mother-in-law kept tally), I awoke to the perfect morning light to snap a few photos:

I still don't have my dream lens (sigh), but I've taken a vow to work with what I have. That's the key to being happy, I think. And happy I am...with dusting off my camera again. Just wait til we move into this new house of ours (in 16 days...we think!)...that's when the eye candy will really begin :)


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Your coffee needs it.


Gabrielle Maple said...

your pics are gorge, and that baby is so cute :)

Rachel said...

I can't wait to see how you decorate your new place :) Also, thanks for all of the wonderful advice for Charleston. We had a fabulous time. Love the city!

Unknown said...

Who is that adorable baby, hunky guy walking with his dog in the field, and wonderful gal who took all those amazing photographs????
blessed we all are indeed...