11 March 2011

And so it begins: picking the paint.

So--I have no idea where this week went...it flew by! But such a good one it's been. AND...our closing date is a week away! Well...we think. It's interesting that the bank really doesn't like to tell you if you're going to close on time, and wow...I am ready for this process to be over. The things we've had to do to prove we're capable of making a monthly payment! Stressful, indeed...but so worth it. Can't wait to have that key in our hands. Anyway--fingers crossed that a week from today we'll officially be homeowners. And, you know what that means:


I've, of course, been perusing the web, picking out photos that depict the style we're after: calm, masculine, cozy, yet a bit edgy. I know...a lot to wrap up in a paint color. But, I'm sure as heck going to try. We know what the kitchen cabinets will be: a dark, earthy mix of green and brown (my hubby has a sweater that I swear I'm going to have them match). The living room? We're thinking a rich brown/gray--something warm and inviting that will pull together the accumulation of furniture we have. And the bedroom? Oh, I am lost on the bedroom. It's so hard trying to decorate your own house (especially when you haven't seen it in well over a month). So many things that I love!

Anyway, thought I'd share some of the inspiration photos I've been pulling. I've mostly been focusing on paint colors and the "feel" of the room versus the actual furnishings and decor. Love Nate Berkus, by the way, and the industrial/masculine design he so often gravitates toward--several of these designs are his.

So, there you have it. Just a tidbit of the inspiring photos Maple and I are using to determine the look and feel of our interior. Can't wait til we get that key so I can really start giving you a glimpse into the process. Be forewarned: there will be lots of photo sharing on my part. We very much want to do this house on a pretty tight budget--to save money--but also because that, to me, is more fun: really being challenged to make a space look good. That task is easy with lots of mulah on hand.

Okay, pretties: HAPPY FRIDAY.
Enjoy this weekend of yours :)



Anonymous said...

http://www.younghouselove.com/ -- this blog is a must for what you two are about to embark on!

Nom and Home said...

young house love is AWESOME!!! i have been in the process of renovating my house. let me know if you have any questions. we've done it all!!! :)