23 February 2011

Let me introduce you...

...to my morning obsession. Her name is Sydney and her blog is The Day Book and she pretty much rocks. Not only does she have amazing, thrifty style (finally...a girl with a real-life budget), her photography and sense of design is top-notch, and she and her hubby and their married adventures are beyond cute. Oh, and that black bag on her arm? It's for her camera. And yes, they are sold out.

Anyway...she's pretty perfect with a morning cup of coffee...especially if you're thinking about slacking for the day and bumming it (the temptation I fight..everyday). She'll be sending you to your closet with a whole new mission in mind.


1 comment:

The Egg said...

omg, love her! AND she lives out West. Just like The Egg :) thanks maple~