18 February 2011

Garden roundup.

So, a lot of you probably know that I do some freelance work for Charleston Home Magazine...I'm kind of what you would call the DIY-er.  I was assigned two sections for this upcoming issue (hitting newsstands the middle of March...can't wait!), and although I won't reveal just yet what I designed and styled, the photoshoots for both of my "things" went down yesterday (hence the reason for not blogging).

Anyway, one of the shoots just happened to take place across the street from me, in this to-die-for downtown charmer that I drool over every time I look out the window. I finally got a peek into the backyard that's of course complete with a two-story piazza, herringbone-brick patios, and a gorgeous, simple pool. Reminiscent of something you'd see in the english countryside. Since the shoot took place in a "garden" setting, I've had backyards on the brain and thought it only appropriate to ramble on about them today :)

{found via pinterest}

The bottom photo belongs to Thomas O'Brien. Of course it does.

Anyway, the home we're under contract for has a giant backyard...just giant...which we are thrilled about...but it's definitely a blank slate. And, when I mean blank, I mean it has two trees and a fence, and this shabby little patio that maybe shouldn't have been built (oops, did I say that?)

So yes, a garden will be the very first addition which I. can. not. wait. to. do. I'm over lackluster produce that's been shipped across the globe, ripened in a giant bin that's had strange hands groping it...not to mention is either over-ripe or very much under and entirely over-priced. So yes, I think I will grow my own. And how divine that will be. Honey, I need a tomato. Can you fetch it from the garden for me? No more running to Harris Teeter...yay. 

Maple will be building his Men-Den (think macho garden shed), complete with a wood-burning stove (I'm jealous) and whatever else amazing things he designs for it (because he really is amazing with those things). But, he's promised I can have a little, bitty corner/backwall/shelf/something for my gardening things. 

And, a patio is in order. But not just any patio--we want it to be nooked off (is that a word?) with a few of my dad's trellises separating it from the expansive yard (I'm all about cozy, secluded spaces). We'll have a fire-pit...a definite must...and a table to fit all of our friends...and who knows what else. All I know is we are beyond excited to have this home, and this yard, of our own. Our very own. To do whatever we so choose. Yay.

Okay--off to work.
Happy weekend.

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Christina said...

jealo. i just got this amazing new apartment, complete with a view of the roof of a neighboring restaurant and trashcans. its a real gem.