11 January 2011

Sweet potato recipes:

So, my lovelies, there's one root vegetable I particularly adore (aside from my parsnip fascination...they are so delectably sweet when roasted...but isn't everything better roasted?), that being the sweet potato. Not only is it delicious, but it's bright orange, and so very wallet friendly. All good things in my book. I love them diced and pan-roasted--the perfect breakfast side dish. I love them oven-roasted and plain, with a hint of brown sugar sprinkled on top. But, my friends, here's how I really love them. And I mean really, really love them. A must-try side dish, as I've become rather addicted (inspired by an epicurious recipe):

Roasted, spicy chipotle sweet potatoes:
(serves 4)

You will need: 
4 medium sweet potatoes (rather uniform in size)
1 garlic bulb
olive oil
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, diced, one tablespoon of adobo sauce reserved*
1/4 cup butter, diced into manageable pieces
salt and pepper to taste
*found canned in the ethnic/hispanic section of your grocery

To prepare:
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
Wash the sweet potatoes, poke a few holes in each with a fork, and roast for one hour or until soft.
Chop off the tip of the garlic bulb and place the bulb in aluminum foil. Drizzle approximately one tablespoon of olive oil over the bulb and fold the foil around it. Place in the oven with 20 minutes remaining on the potatoes' cook time, and roast so that the garlic and potatoes are done at the same time.
Meanwhile, dice the chipotle pepper into very fine pieces (chipotle peppers pack quite a bit of heat, so if you don't prefer spicy, reduce to 1/2 a pepper).
While to potatoes are still hot, make a slit in each and remove the pulp, placing it in a mixing bowl. Discard the skins.
Remove each clove of garlic from its skin and mash to a fine paste. Add to the mixing bowl along with the remaining ingredients.
Whip all ingredients until smooth.

...AND EAT!!! Devour. Enjoy. They are so very good. 
And, with your leftovers, make these homemade treats:

These, too, were so incredibly delicious.
Maple and I had an unexpected snowday (or, freezing rain/ice day) yesterday, and all the bridges shut down, meaning...no getting to work!! Best. day. ever. So, during my morning blog persusing, I stumbled across this recipe via Gweneth's goop, and what do you know...I had leftover chipotle sweet potatoes. And a maple leaf cookie cuter (duh). So off I went to the kitchen, with a latte in hand (divine, I tell you) and whipped up these morning treats. The garlic/chipotle flavor of my taters added the most amazing twist. Really, you must try them, even if it's with a plain jane sweet potato:

Homemade honey sweet potato biscuits
(keep scrolling til you see the video--how cute is this girl!?)

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Thanks for these recipes! I LOVE sweet potatoes!