02 August 2010

where i blog.

so, i mentioned last week that i did some rearranging in our teenie apartment to accommodate a little desk area for myself. work's been picking up, so yes, i needed a nook where i could escape the world and its distractions and focus. the dining room table (err...folding leaf table against the wall in our living room) just wasn't cutting it anymore. behold, my new desk, where i think, write, design, blog, and attempt to resist the distractions that loom on that nifty world wide web.

i did a bit of styling with stuff i had laying around. granted, there's more to do. i'm dying to fill the entire wall with cork tiles so i can display all the tidbits of inspiration i collect. the desk was my mom's growing up. she was in need of a paint job, so i slathered on a coat of pale minty green that i scuffed up a bit. the hardware is original--love how its antiquity now pops against the light paint.

anyway, this is where i'm posted on any given day. with plenty of coffee in that mug, of course.
thought you might like to see :)

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