05 August 2010

i think:

  1. i really want this poster.
  2. i eat entirely too much almond butter.
  3. i should maybe break my coffee addiction--although i'm convinced it makes me happy.
  4. i have the weirdest dreams. and now think way too much about them. thank you, inception.
  5. i have internet attention deficit disorder.
  6. the older i get, the worse i spell. no, not smell. spell.
  7. cooking is therapy.
  8. the ocean is breathtaking. giant. scary. and peaceful.
  9. i can't wait til september, when we will sit and laugh and cook and just be with my family on the beach.
  10. i need to stop procrastinating and conquer my writer's block.

1 comment:

Christina said...

omg, not to keep leaving comments on your blog or anything, but as you know, from reading the egg, yellowstone is about to blow, and we're all f'ed. you, me, chester, everyone. or so meagan says. bahhhh.