30 August 2010


Sitting here, drinking some tea this morning (yes, trying to crack my unhealthy addiction to coffee, despite my recent transition to half-decaf--realizing it's more about the warm cup in my hand than anything), wondering just where the days of August went. September in two days, really? Avidly hoping that cool, crisp breezes arrive  (and therefore boots, scarves, and my favorite jackets) with the calendar. But pretty sure my patience will be tested a bit more--like--until December. Hmm...Charleston, I love. But the weather?...

Anyway, I do entirely adore the weekly parade of the downtown Farmers Market, despite the steamy humidity that's trapped in tents of clustered produce shoppers. But hey--local, organic, and delicious--such a treat from the under-ripened, imported finds at the grocery.

Below, my most recent loot:

For pizza, but of course!
Yes, maybe a bit obsessed with our very recent pizza stone purchase.

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