16 August 2010

feeling a bit like this today:

mostly because i am a procrastinator, though i prefer to say i work best under pressure.
thought i'd graduate from that title when i suma-cumlauded college. 
not so much.

anyhow, blog readers, i am a busy bee this week, so please forgive any m&s shortcomings.
lots of excited happenings around here...though not without lots of work!
working to get magazine to press (yay yayayayay! did i say yay?).
website design work.
dinner party for Seattle-bound friends.
whirlwind trip to Kentucky.

though, on a very happy note, i became an Auntie to my fourth little niece last night. Serenity Maple, undoubtedly beautiful, as two gorgeous people are the bebe's parents. so, congrats to Christopher and Gabrielle--so happy that she's here.

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