09 July 2010

one big holiday.

important things i learned this holiday weekend:

1. Ohio really isn't the worst state ever. it's actually quite pretty in the summer, and i finally can see why 
    plenty of people live there. (Nevada is back on top of that list...excluding Vegas, of course).

2. auctions do not have to consist of high-priced goods. they can, in fact, sell a bundle of old hangers and 
    used manilla envelopes. 

3.  i married into the biggest but also the most wonderful family.

4.  i pretty much rock at hillbilly golf.

5.  8-year-olds can be much cooler and more fun to hang out with than a lot of 25+

6.  boys really will play cornhole all night if you will let them. (and if there's a substantial supply of  

7.  if you've been married over a year and wear a shirt around family that's even remotely baggy you
     inevitably will have to squash rumors that you're preggo

and there you have it....my holiday, 4th of july weekend. spent in ohio. at a family reunion. a bit bitter  i didn't come away with an awesome t-shirt (much like the one our SC democratic rep wears that boasts "GREENE FAM REUNION." yes, he's the one that lives in his dad's basement and has zero political experience, not to mention is jobless), but hey...i did take home an awesome friendship bracelet and some pretty good memories.

home sweet home...and back to the blogging world :) 

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