26 July 2010

office space.

so, i've spent my morning setting up a little home office against the back wall of our bedroom. our teenie little apartment presents quite a conundrum when you're trying to isolate yourself from constant distractions (aka the husband, the tv, the ever-present charm of the city that lures me away from all responsibility). so i put myself against a wall, behind a door, where i can close off life and (hopefully) concentrate on my work. it's really quite cozy. now if only i could paint the entire wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. surely the landlord wouldn't mind too terribly if the entire apartment is stark white with one jet black wall. contrast--it's good.

anyway...back to work. back to life. back to missing the fam...who left, Kentucky-bound, this morning.

1 comment:

rebeccamay said...

im in love with this post! I'm taking notes to decorate my new cubical at work ha..give it character and make it more exciting to be around from 9-6! ha
great blog...im an avid reader!