04 June 2010

it's friday.

therefore, you should:

bake something yummy.

shop the local market.

run to the beach.

photograph your shoes.

and make a collage.

can't wait to wander the market myself and whip up some yummy fare from the local goodies i bring home. then head to the beach for some rays of sunshine. and eat lots of cherries, of course.

and, on a very different note,

i'm thinking of dying my own hair over the weekend...which may in fact be a terrible idea.
maybe dye is the wrong word...although it does involve what could be a rather permanent change.
i'm really just wanting to throw a few hilites in around my face and in my roots to lighten my natural dark blonde to more of a golden, sun-kissed hue. it's my (maybe foolish) attempt to save some mulah.

so...anyone attempted this DIY hair-altering venture at home?
if so...advice please!!
what product did you use? any tips that i need to know/ life altering do's and dont's?
i really don't want a "bleached" hilite look...going for a much more natural look-- like hair painting, if you've heard the term?

oh, this could be bad...


Unknown said...

I've done lots of my own hair dying including highlights but don't know the names of any brands. Ask me about it tonight! by the way- love this blog.

Sarah Niklas said...

Make sure you get a highlighting kit and not a dye. I made that mistake this fall and my hair was orange, it was a disaster! later when I was getting it fixed, the hair stylist said I should of used the highlighting kits because they have bleach and the dyes do not. Good luck!!!

katie said...

i highlight my hair at home all the time! the very best i have found is revlon's frost & glow -- it is a bit annoying to do the old pull-through-the-cap deal but it's worth it because it is almost fool-proof! and believe me...if it can be messed up, i will mess it up -- but i haven't had a bad result from it yet! be sure to leave it on long enough (i usually do the full hour) because if you rinse too soon it will be brassy. if it's brassy/orange, that just means it needs to develop more!