10 June 2010

i did it.

yes, it's done.
after years and years and years and YEARS (ok, i'm not that old...but still...) of having my hair professionally colored and hilited...
i did it.
well, we did it.
yes, the Mr. and i hilited my very own hair.

i was terrified...but also sequestered by a determination to save money. not to mention time. so there we sat, on the floor of Rite Aid, for what seemed like forever, searching and comparing and wondering and questioning and reading all about hair color. it was intimidating--there were SO. MANY. OPTIONS. but we finally decided upon Revlon Frost & Glow's Honey Highlighting Kit (horrible name...i know. i mean frost? did they really have to throw that in there?). honey being the operative word, as i wanted golden, sun-kissed strands incorporated into my natural color (dark blonde/ light brown).

so, we bought her. we took her home. i took one look at the cap and threw it in the trash. it was way too complicated and seemed a bit...errr...inaccurate? so i decided to do it myself...with a gloved hand. corey helped. it was hilarity...i definitely owe him one. we stood in front of the mirror and isolated strands that looked like they'd be good to highlight and did just that. i only did a few, and i only kept it on for 15 minutes (as opposed to an hour). i wanted the effect to be natural--and it worked. i LOVE the results. love love LOVE the results.

and it cost me $9 and 30 minutes of my time.
as opposed to $120 and 3 hours of my time.

so, i never thought i'd say this, but i am a huge advocate of DIY highlights. not color. highlights. yes--there's a huge difference. but, nonetheless, i am proud to say i'm an at-home hair-highligher, and 100% satisfied with the process and the results. so much that i can't wait for six more weeks to roll around...when i get to do it again.


Laura said...

pictures?? :) i wanna see!!

Sarah Niklas said...

Perfect, you can be my hair stylist when I move back to chas haha

Christina said...

yeah dude, you have to post a picture. i don't believe you.

katie said...

yay!! i'm so glad it worked for you!

maple said...

yes, thank you all SO much for your advice!! so happy i took the plunge. will (begrudgingly) post a pic next week. :)