17 June 2010


so we went to a bar Tuesday night.
a new bar.
to hear a DJ our friends are friends with.
and it was so fun. i say DJ...but what i really mean is a guy with a cult following that plays the most amazing/ dance-worthy mixes. think aretha franklin mixed in with MIA. it was such a dive. we walked through this sketchy alley and up a secretive flight of stairs and right into the 80s. the first person i laid eyes on had an awesomely bad mustache, was wearing a polyester golf shirt, short shorts and rockin' the most amazing, flowy haircut. oh how i wish i could take you right to this hipster joint. think the entire staff of U.O. congregating in one bar: that's pretty much exactly what it was. 
and i loved it.
so fun.
and exactly why i love charleston. no pink and green in sight unless it was on a pair of neon aviators.
anyway...can't wait to take sis-in-law and bro there. they, too, will have so much fun.

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Sarah Niklas said...

Did someone have their first experience at the Upper Deck? haha