14 June 2010


i have the travel bug.
i've been bitten.

i want to go to europe.
and by want, i mean i'm dying inside to go to europe.
i went when i was 18. im so glad i went....but i was 18. i did everything wrong. i bought clothes and shoes that i no longer own because they were ridiculous. i didn't care about the history. i didn't even like wine. or food, really. oh, i want to go to europe.

i had a brilliant idea, quite frankly. i told the Mr. and he laughed. but i think it's very smart of me. you know the whole idea of swapping houses? well, Charleston is a pretty desirable destination...much more so than when we lived in Kentucky. so, all we have to do is purchase a super cool home in an awesome part of town and renovate it to the nines and then someone equally as cool in the south of france will be filling up my inbox with craigslist emails begging us to swap homes for a month. (yes, these are the jaded realities that play out in my head.) now--all we need is like $2 million to get started. and, i guess if we had that, we'd have no problem affording a month in the south of france. ok, ok. bad idea. sheesh.

ohhh...i want to go to there.

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