03 June 2010

have you seen?

okay, i don't know which is more embarrassing:
admitting that The City is my guilty pleasure, or that I'm an admirer of Olivia Palermo.
Ok--wait...admirer of her style. the girl is ice cold, but she can dress.

so for the month of April Vogue documented every outfit O.P. wore into work each day.
talk about pressure at the closet.
anyway, fun to see. thought you might think so as well.


Jen said...

her personality drives me up a wall...i can barely listen to her speak BUT she does have a closet that any girl would envy!

i didn't know vogue had done that...can't wait to check it out..

Shannon said...

i agree. she is icy.

but her fashion is fabulous. more than fabulous.

off to check it out now. inspiration to look a little cuter for work :)

Christina said...

how is it that she works for elle, yet vogue featured her? maybe it's because she doesn't really work for elle...bahhahah

she isn't even from new york city!