12 May 2010

panelling is good.

so i've always admired the look of wooden paneling, especially horizontal.
and maybe it's because i've moved to the coast, but that recent admiration has become an obsession.

{Charleston Home}




i mean, i kind of want to run out and buy a house and panel all the rooms (sorry in advance, Corey).
i love how cozy and intimate it makes the room feel, and how it generates comfort in a space.
i'm a fan of white walls, and how paneling allows you to achieve a clean look, yet adds interest without dominating. but at the same time, i'm rather obsessed with the darker paneling of the Charleston Home bedroom above.

i personally lean toward more casual or "livable" spaces, but am secretly dying to put a new spin on paneling and doctor a paneled room with chic design elements.

maybe one day we will be homeowners.

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Jen said...

loved your pics & thought you might enjoy these too! i did a paneling post not too long ago...we share the same loves.