05 May 2010

cinco de KY.

must say goodbye for the time being.
never fear...it's only for a few days.
you see, we are back in Kentucky, what once was my home sweet home for 24 years.
so strange to be a visitor in the town you grew up in.
i forgot how much i love this city.

so we have a wonderful few days ahead of us. all celebratory.
my brother-in-laws graduation.
my good friend's birthday celebration (at a winery, i might add...ooo and ahhh in excitement, please).
and, AND, margaritas, fajitas, best friends and family...tonight...

oh, and, i must solicit some prayers. 
it seems my grandmother ended up in the hospital last night.
any would be helpful :)

happy cinco de mayo, y'all.
i bid you goodbye til next week.

oh. and..don't forget!! enter the give-a-way if you care to rock some new jewels.

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