05 April 2010

wall + paper.


Currently in the midst of scouring ebay for some amazingly-vintage wallpaper.
And, oh yeah, looking for a job.
Anyway, last week I painted a desk (that belonged to my mom as a child) the faintest hint of mint green...nearly a creamy white (I know you're shocked as it absolutely is not painfully obvious that I like mint green).
I love, love how it turned out.
It has the most amazing ridge of elaborate molding that I scuffed with sandpaper to bring out the dark wood beneath and accentuate the architectural detail.
The iron pulls have tarnished, and I really wasn't in love with them before, but against the light hue they really pop. The paint brings out their exquisite antiquity.
So now it's my make-up table. It's adorned with an ornate gold mirror that was given to my Nana in the 40s, along with her matching crystal table lamps. Love the femininity of it all...makes it that much more fun to get ready in the morning.
The finishing touch, of course, will be the pop of pattern in the drawers that happily greets me as I search for my make-up.
Hoping to find a vintage paper with royal blue hues to pleasantly contrast with the light paint.
Later I'll post pictures, since my treasured DSLR arrived in the mail today :)

Til tomorrow, happy Monday.

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