09 April 2010

in the raw.

so, you probably know already.
Jessica Simpson posed for Marie Claire...with no make-up.
or, very little.
but certainly with no airbrushing.
i tried to resist re-posting this, as it's everywhere.
but the more i saw it, and her being bashed for it...
strong feelings ensued.

 i mean, i think she looks  beautiful.
if anything, simply because of the act of  bravery she just committed.
i'm terrified to take photographs of myself...in my own home...with no make-up.
much less look at the ghastly results.
and here  she is, in the raw, for the whole world to see...and judge.

she looks just as plain as i do.
she didn't even try to fake a tan.
and i like it.

and then you have Louise Bourgoin... 

and still...untouchable.
this woman reeks of beauty.

on this new wave of un-airbrushed photoshoots?

rather refreshing, until you discover why models become models.
they are gorgeous, no matter how hard one tries to disguise their beauty.

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