06 April 2010


So it's down to two options.
I've navigated the treasure trove that is the wondrous ebay and come out relatively unscathed: I am burdened by only one tough decision...between two amazing rolls of wallpaper. I'm lining the drawers of my recently painted desk, if you recall.

My first instinct was to go with #1 here on the left.
It was love at first sight. I wanted something really unusual with hues of blue that would seem rather eclectic when paired with the light shade of mint.

But now that I see each compared with the paint color, I'm leaning toward option #2.
She has true vintage appeal, which was another trait high on the list...she has blue...a lovely, royal blue...and the mint really pops against the orange and cream.

So...any insight of your own?
Which would you go with?
Which would you love to see peek hello to you on a daily basis?


Jen said...

it's so funny because i went through the exact same thought process that you just described! At first I was 100% sold on option 1, maybe because it feels so spring (and i'm loving spring right now)...then the more I stared the more I was courted by the second. I think that option 2 seems really timeless...vintage and awesome.

sorry i am soooo not helpful. if i had to pick an option or die i think i'd choose #2...there i said it!

Rachel said...

I think that I enjoy option one the most!

I am also really excited to see that your blog is back up and running!

Amy Kelly said...

I definitely think the first option is the way to go, though they are both lovely.

Amy Kelly said...

Definitely the 1st option!