07 January 2010

I like you, snow.

How wonderful it was to wake up to a sky of white flakes spiraling to a powdery landing. I'm in love with this day...enamored by the way the snow renders our busy lives captive, beckoning us to a slower pace, opening our eyes to the wonderment of the town we live in.

Okay..yes, I am so excited about the snow.

And my pot roast simmering in the kitchen, filling our teenie apartment with the most delicious & comforting smells.

And that I'm out the door and on my way to pick up Maple from work, so we can wander home, bundle up and rummage in the snow.

And that sis and bro are coming to din. To sit by the fire. To play cards. To play, again, in the snow.

Have such a happy snow day, wherever you may be.

And be sure to check back in tomorrrow, as I'm avidly working on a lovely kitchen essentials post.


Abby said...

Mmmmm, potroast sounds absolutely perfect for today! I'm settling for left-over chicken wild rice soup - homemade though :)

Looking forward to your kitchen essentials post!

Jen said...

Are those your curtains?! Do you mind me asking where you got them? I need something JUST like them for our den.

Hope you're stayin' warm in this blizzard!

Katherine said...

i wanted to ask where you got those curtains too! i love them! they would look great with the gray walls of my living room! thanks :)

maple said...

They are my curtains :)

My mom and I actually sewed them a few years ago, using Joel Dewberry's "Iron Work" fabric, found here:


And yes, they would look fabulous against gray walls!! They go perfectly perfect with my gray couch :)

Shannon said...

i'm so glad one of my besties (jen) asked where you got those curtains. they are fabulous! thanks for sharing!

just started reading recently. love the blog!