09 July 2009

Fresh & happy weekend.

I'm so very excited to say that Annie and I are having our first ever furniture show tomorrow as ella mint. So, if you're in the vicinity with an open-ended weekend, head to downtown Lexington to "An Antique Affair" on Manchester Street. Ella mint has a booth in the warehouse from Friday til Sunday, 9 am-5pm, where you can feast your eyes (and wallet contents if you'd like) on our "fresh & happy furnishings." Wish us luck!!

& check back in...I'll post pictures tomorrow of some of our offerings.


Katherine said...

how exciting! i'll definitely try to stop by! If I don't see you there...good luck!

Cait* said...

Congrats! I check out the ella mint blog and your work is lovely! If I wasn't approx. 1,000 miles away, I'd be there!